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About Sunstate Wing & Rotor Club (SWARC)

Sunstate Wing & Rotor Club is one of the oldest and largest Rotorcraft clubs in the US. The club now meets and maintains hangars at the Wauchula, Florida airport. Most regular meetings are held around major holidays, such as New Years, Memorial Day and The 4th of July, with the exception of the Bensen Days Event, held around the end of the first quarter each year.

Sunstate has become a fairly large club and there is a great deal of general interest in flying and building gyroplanes and other rotorcraft. As a result, members and visitors gather at the Wauchula hangars on almost any weekend when the weather is pleasant. Fortunately, due to Wauchula's Central Florida location, that means most of the time year-round.

You may find additional information about SWARC at the club website, along with news and information on current happenings, scheduled meetings and membership.